How Will A Health Professional Help Me?

Quick recap on last week….

This week we look at how will a health professional help you with your hip or pelvic pain and the approaches they might use in doing this.

In our first week in “Welcome to Hip Pain Help” we looked at how this site came about, why you can trust what you read at Hip Pain Help and the ways in which you can navigate and use the site

This week we look at how a Hip Pain Professional can help you, and inform you about important considerations with your treatment options.

Do I need help from a health professional?

Is Your Hip or Pelvic Pain affecting your quality of life?

Are you frustrated by a lack of answers about what is wrong and why?

Have you struggled to find someone who knows how to help?

One of the key reasons this site was started was the multitude of calls to the site founders, from around the globe, from people wanting to know how to find someone with a special interest in hip pain near them.  “Find a Hip Pain Professional” was born.  Next week we will look more at how to search for a professional but this week lets focus on how your professional can help you.

So how will a Hip Pain Professional Help Me?

The “4 Pillars Approach” is how all Hip Pain Professionals should approach your treatment.  Learn what this means and what components are essential if your treatment is to be successful.  Dr Alison Grimaldi, founder of this site, and leading expert in hip and pelvis pain, talks here, in this short video, explaining what the “4 Pillars Approach” is and what it means.

Transcript of the above video

Many of our blogs have interactive videos which we hope make it easier for you but we know not everyone is a visual learner so rest assured make sure you read on as we will attach transcripts for those of you who are readers.

Dr Alison Grimaldi, physiotherapist, educator and researcher talks here about what is essential in achieving successful treatment for your hip and pelvis pain.

You’ve most likely landed on our site as you’re looking for Help with your Hip Pain. It can be a frustrating journey for those in pain, trying to find the right advice and assistance. Our aim at Hip Pain Help is to put you in touch with a community of Hip Pain Professionals with a special interest and experience in the management of hip and pelvic pain.

The Hip Pain Professionals approach is based on 4 key pillars – A skilled assessment, individualised advice and education, effective treatment and finally, appropriate referral where needed.


1.  Skilled Assessment

With their advanced knowledge, our Hip Pain Professionals will provide a faster and more accurate diagnosis. This avoids prolonged suffering and the expense of unnecessary treatments and investigations. Your Hip Pain Professional will also aim to determine not only WHAT the source of the problem is, but WHY it has developed.

2.  Advice and Education

Your Hip Pain Professional will then develop a plan for HOW your particular problem should be best managed. Individualised advice and education on your condition and how to aid your own recovery can be extremely powerful in regaining control of your pain, and your life.


3.  Effective Treatment

As we all know – the one-size-fits-all strategy doesn’t always work, especially not in healthcare. Your Hip Pain Professional will individualise your treatment based on their skilled assessment of your condition, to ensure a faster and more complete recovery.



4.  Appropriate Referral

The final important pillar of the Hip Pain Professionals’ Approach is appropriate referral. The Hip Pain Professional community includes members from different professions such as physiotherapists, doctors with varying specialties, osteopaths and sports and exercise professionals. Your Hip Pain Professional will quickly recognise when you require a team approach or the assistance of a different type of health professional and refer you as necessary.

Under our “Find a Hip Pain Professional” Menu you might like to read more about different types of professionals and what types of treatments are available or fast-track to finding help by using our quick and easy search tool.

Hip Pain Help is here, take control of your pain today!


This blog was written by Dr. Alison Grimaldi, with contribution from one of our Hip Pain Professionals, Kirsty McNab, experienced physiotherapist.

Dr. Alison Grimaldi is a globally recognised expert physiotherapist, researcher, and educator, who has over 30 years professional clinical experience helping patients recover from a wide range of hip and pelvic conditions.

Dr Alison Grimaldi - Hip Pain Professional

Dr. Alison Grimaldi  BPhty, MPhty(Sports), PhD, FACP 

Dr Grimaldi has completed Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Master of Physiotherapy and  Doctor of Philosophy (Physiotherapy) degrees. She is a fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists, Practice Principal of PhysioTec Physiotherapy, an Australian Sports Physiotherapist , an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the University of Queensland, as well as an author and global educator. Her passion is helping people with hip pain, and educating other health professionals around how to help more people with hip pain.

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From our last few blogs you’ll know how to use this site and why you should seek help from a Hip Pain Professional.

But which type of professional do you need and how do you use the advanced search function of this site to find them – Check out our next blog to find out more!

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